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My New Job and Quick Updates| Adventures of Shy Girl

I’ve been super busy.

This time last week, I was celebrating my 20th birthday with family and friends. My family and I went to an air and car show in the morning and I spent my afternoon bowling and playing games with my friends. Though I had a lot of fun that day, I also experienced a lot of the anxiety that comes with having to entertain people. I felt a lot of pressure to make sure everyone was having a good time. Luckily, my friends are AMAZING and those feelings of anxiety subsided rather quickly.

I also went to a music festival with my mom and sister where I saw artists such as Nathan Sykes, Mike Posner, and Fat Joe perform. There were many more artists but we left early because of the weather. On Monday, I was surprised by a friend from high school. We hadn’t spoken since last summer so we got to catch up and it made my day.

On Wednesday, I started my first full time job. As I mentioned almost a month ago, I wasn’t sure what I was going to be doing this summer. I had been offered this job and was still waiting to hear back about an internship. When I still hadn’t heard back, I decided to take the job. So for the summer, I’m back on campus working with the IT department.

Working is pretty weird because I still feel like a little kid and like I shouldn’t have all these responsibilities.

As expected, my first day was filled with anxiety. I was so jumpy and felt like someone had a grip on my throat. This job is so outside of my comfort zone, which is good because it’ll expose me to new situations and prepare me for the big bad world. However, it’s also bad because I’m constantly on edge.

Basically, I work at a help desk. My job is to answer phone calls from people with technology problems, help them or transfer them to someone else. I also deal with walk-ins. The thing is, I’m terrible at talking on the phone and dealing with strangers. So this job is giving me a chance to develop those skills.

Experience like this is also really beneficial for the future. It will be my foot in the door at some company after graduation and it’ll provide me with references. I’m excited for this adventure and for the other adventures I’ll go on this summer. What was your first real job experience like? Let me know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “My New Job and Quick Updates| Adventures of Shy Girl

  1. I am proud of you and it sounds like inevitably you will divorce from those phobias because you won’t have time. I don’t envy you. I used to be Assistant Bureau Chief to the Bureau Chief of the Bureau Chief of the Bureau Chief of the second largest newspaper in the world, kinda kidding here, but I had only two journalism classes by then, a grammar and a basic writing course and I was covering Hawaii and so forth. I interviewed the then governor, police, and so on and I felt like a fish out of water. Eventually, I got fired. But, then I found my joy: Book, Art, and Movie reviewing, where I could write whatever I wanted, kind of like what we do here. It is odd this realworld line we cross to make money, bu it is actually close to the kind of touching we do as bloggers. We are just less familiar to the material and we have less passion for it.


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