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Getting From Point A To Point B | Adventures Of Shy Girl

A good chunk of graduates end up working in a different field from the one they studied in college. I’ve known this for a while. It’s a fact that has been thrown at me a fair amount. What I’ve never had were examples of that in my life, until this past year.

When I started my work-study job in the IT department I was exposed to a bunch of professional people who are in the middle or towards the end of their careers. They are prime examples of the fact that anything can happen. Meeting them made me really fascinated by how some people can go from studying music to working in IT, or from Biology to Marketing and Communications. There’s a whole life between those two points and the turns made along the way happen for so many reasons; chance, whimsy, necessity, changes in technology.

I guess I’m sort of stuck on this. As I’m preparing to enter my final year as an undergraduate I’m faced with inevitable questions about the future. As I see it, I have two roads to go down—Information Technology or Writing. One is a bit more stable than the other but I like to think that I’m passionate about them both. They have so much in common. Besides both being difficult; they require focus, an understanding of the bigger picture while maintaining attention to detail, creativity and problem solving. No matter which road I choose I’ll be well prepared.

I can’t see the future. I don’t know what next spring will look like for me. I don’t know if I’ll have a job after graduation. I don’t know where I might end up. When I get asked about the future, I tell people these things. If I had my way though, I’d work for a tech company and spend my evenings and weekends writing. I’d live in an apartment big enough for two but on my own with fish and a puppy. I’d be near my friends and we’d have awesome game nights. Most importantly, I’d be happy. (That’s wishful thinking though.)

What I’ve learned from talking to people at work is that it isn’t about point B. Rather, it’s the journey in between the points that matters most. Some people might say that not knowing is the fun part because it means that anything can happen. I might agree with that on some occasions but I’d certainly take step-by-step instructions over guessing when it comes to the future.

Are you working in a different field from the one you went to school for, how did you get there? What’s your opinion on the future, would you rather have a step-by-step guide? Let me know!

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One thought on “Getting From Point A To Point B | Adventures Of Shy Girl

  1. Wallace Stevens the poet worked by day in insurance, and every day during his lunch break he’d work on his poetry. Most people he worked with had no idea. He was good at insurance and it provided him a stable income to pursue his passion and excel in it.

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