Social Commentary

Lives Are At Stake: What You Say Or Don’t Say Matters. 

Monday through Friday, when I get to work I say hello and good morning to my supervisors. I then follow-up on emails and any messages. When 9:10 rolls around, I’m usually sitting at the desk with a brief window of free time. I take this time to read the news.

For the past few weeks, CNN’s website has been filled with crime scene photos, and pictures of fallen officers, fallen bystanders, fallen innocents. As one horrific event leads up to another, I want to close my eyes, count to ten and hope that when I open them up the world will be at peace. But closing my eyes, is no longer an option. For far too long people have been closing their eyes and shutting out the reality that’s around them. It seems as though the world is coming apart at the seams and we’re all to blame.

So what do we do? We’re just normal people going through life in our own routines. What can we possibly do that will help this harsh reality? 

We can stand with those that have been oppressed. We can show that though we can’t ever understand what it’s like to be them, we acknowledge that they are treated wrongly. We can position ourselves by their sides and let them know that we too, want change.

We can stand with those that have been victimized. We can speak out against the bad eggs while reminding people that the bad eggs are just that, bad eggs and that they do not and should not represent the majority.

I’ve always been too shy to speak out. I would watch things happen and stay silent because I thought no one would listen or care about what I had to said. For me, that was the reason. It wasn’t that I would be uncool, it was that I thought what I had to say didn’t matter. I know now that that isn’t true. You may not think people are listening but they are and what you say—or don’t say, has an effect.

The way we speak and the way we treat others changes the environment around us. Hate will always exist and infect the world but you can be the medicine that remedies it. Everybody is connected, the energy we put out is absorbed by others.

The size of the act doesn’t matter, it’s the simple act of standing up and standing with people that will change the world. So whether you join a protest, attend meetings and lectures or just stop a chain of hate on the internet; whether you stop your friend after they make a racist, sexist, or homophobic joke and tell them it’s not funny, or share truthful, unbiased articles on Facebook, every small thing matters.

Everything you do matters.

It doesn’t matter if you’re shy and quiet or loud and clear people are listening and you decide what they hear. Do all you can to make sure they’re hearing hope, honesty, respect, and love.

Until next time,



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