Anxiety · Personal

Updates | August 2016

I’ve been terrible at writing consistently. For a while, I was just busy hanging out with friends and being social. Then, I struggled to know what to write about. Finally, my anxiety put me into an after work routine that I couldn’t change.

Anxiety: Though I’m okay, I’m definitely struggling more now than I was a month ago. I’m more vulnerable to sudden anxiety attacks and am noticeably less comfortable in my surroundings. That’s life with anxiety through, it’s a never ending roller coaster and no matter how much you want off—you have to stay on it.

Work: Work has picked up as students move back on to campus. That’s the major thing—students are coming back to campus. School starts in less than two weeks and with that comes various new challenges. For example, juggling 5 classes(three of which have labs), a job, and somehow managing to keep a counseling appointment each week. I’m also on the executive board of two clubs, as President and Vice President respectively.

The good thing is that although I have been struggling, I’ve only missed one day of work. Besides that, I’ve been able to make it through each work day. I’m hopeful that I’ll finish the summer out strong. In the meantime, I’ve figured out a few things that I want to write about, so you’ll be hearing more from me!

Until next time,



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