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Madam President

Clubs are a huge part of campus life in college. It seems like everyone is involved in more than one club. I was never a participant in high school but during my first year of college I joined a writing club and volunteered to be the treasurer for the upcoming year. My second year of college, I helped to start the computer club at my school and served as the first treasurer for that club as well.

I’m starting my senior year of college, perhaps the biggest, most stressful year of my academic career and I’ve been voted President of the computer club and vice President of the writing club. As President, I have a lot of responsibilities that are even more important because the club is in its infancy. This year will determine whether it stays a club or dissolves like it’s predecessor.

I’ve been hard at work brainstorming ideas to get the rest of the campus community interested and involved. The year is starting with a “Getting Connected” event the very first week of school to help students who are having trouble connecting to the new wireless network. For this event, we’re teaming up with the IT department whom I hope to continue building a relationship with for the club. I’ve also been conducting research into other college’s computer science clubs to see what kind of events they host.

I have high hopes for this year, but I’m going to have to jump over some hurdles. For example, being president means having to plan and lead each meeting. That means that I have to talk in front of a group of people on a weekly basis and am responsible for them having a good time.

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