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Withdrawal From A Class |Adventures Of Shy Girl

Each of my college semesters have been filled with five classes, or 18/19 credits, and I’ve always been able to handle it. However, this semester has turned out to be so much more challenging than I anticipated and I find myself in a severe depression.

My semester did not start off well. Throughout the month of September, I have battled with my anxiety, depression, classes, and extenuating circumstances. I have fallen behind. I don’t believe that I’ll be able to catch up. At least, not with my current course load.

The decision to drop a class has been difficult and is a contributing factor to my worsening anxiety and depression. I should be able to handle all the work. I should be able to catch back up. But I can’t, at least not in a way that would be productive to me or my health.

On my transcript, there will be a ‘W’ in the place of a grade. Although I’ve been assured that it doesn’t affect my GPA, future employers who want to see my transcript will see that I dropped a class—that I couldn’t handle my course load.  It’s like I’m being branded.

Frankly, I feel like a failure.

I’m just a couple hundred days away from graduation and through the academic planning process it was determined that I wouldn’t be able to complete my writing minor as expected. I’ve come to terms with that after talking to my advisor and realizing that minors don’t actually do much besides expand your area of focus. I feel like at this point, I’ve learned everything that the school has to offer me, writing wise.

Therefore, I’m withdrawing from my Journalism class because it isn’t fulfilling any requirements and the homework/classwork load is taking away from my ability to complete assignments for classes specific to my major. I wish I didn’t have to but I see no other option. 

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One thought on “Withdrawal From A Class |Adventures Of Shy Girl

  1. Kelly, unless you want to be a professional journalist no employer is gonna ask you why you dropped an introductory level journalism class. I promise. You’re not a failure for strategizing — you’re smarter than a lot of people who’d try to do it anyway because they don’t know or honor their limits. You’re very intelligent for knowing your limits, and if anything, knowing your limits is what will get you hired at the perfect job for you.

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