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A Post To Fill The Void | Fall 2016 | Adventures Of Shy Girl

Once again, it’s been awhile. I didn’t mean to stay away but trying to catch up on all of my school work filled every moment of my days outside of classes and work. Then, the longer I was away the harder it was to come back. So much has happened since I came back to school both in my personal life and in society.

I’m happy to say that I’ve turned my grades around. I’m all caught up and am excelling in all of my classes. I’m also back on my old medicine which has halted and reversed my depressive episode. Though I’m still dealing with weight issues, anxiety, and stress my overall outlook on life is positive. I’ve also started watching a show called Person of Interest on Netflix and I would 10/10 recommend it!

I voted in my first election. I’ve always wanted to vote and though I didn’t get the actual experience of going to the polling place because I’m away at college it still felt great to fill out and send my absentee ballot. I felt like I had so much power in my hands when it came in the mail. I was so excited to open it, I ended up giving myself a huge paper cut. I then proceeded to spend the afternoon researching the candidates for the national and local elections.

There’s so much more to talk about but I just wanted to write a quick update to let everyone know that I’m not dead and that I haven’t given up on this blog.

There’s just a few more weeks left of the fall semester, the United States is at a crossroads politically and socially, and there are less than 190 days until I graduate from college. I will be back soon.

Until next time,



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