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I watched four episodes of NCIS today after being distracted from my homework. Season 7. The basic storyline is always the same, some bad person does a bad thing to a Sailor or Marine and Gibbs and his team solve the crime. Still, it’s addictive and I binge watch it daily—that’s how I’ve managed to watch 6 and a half seasons since late December. Outside of the procedural concept, the characters individual story-lines are always intriguing—especially Gibbs. Personally, I wish Kate was still on the show though I also love Ziva. The rest of the main characters take turns being my favorite.

I read four chapters of my textbook and took four quizzes. I’m taking an online Introduction to Business class, and am doing quite well in it. I’ve never taken an online class before and the structure of it is very minimalist. Each week we get a list of assignments to complete and we have until 10pm on Sunday to finish them. There’s no set time to be online, no video lectures, no verbal communication with the professor or my fellow classmates. This structure allows me to work in the IT department, have lunch with friends and workout. I definitely wouldn’t want to major in business and I don’t see myself ever starting my own but it’s been interesting nonetheless to learn how businesses operate, why they fail, and how they succeed.

I went to the gym four times in a week. This was to be the main topic of the post before I noticed the interesting trend of four. At the start of winter break I resolved to get healthy, to go to the gym and eat right. December wasn’t the healthiest month for me despite my decision. I went to the gym with my sister a few times, but not as much as I would have liked. I definitely did not eat healthy and I had a cold and then the stomach bug.

Coming back to campus was my big opportunity: I had no strict schedule; I didn’t have to rely on a ride to the gym; and there are always healthy options in the dining hall. I even donated blood my first week back. This past week I went to the gym by myself four times for at least 30mins each time. When I go, I do cardio while watching the Game Show Network on the TV monitor attached to the machine. It helps keep my mind off of what I’m doing and how tired I might be. I also get interested in the show and before I know it I’ve done 45mins. I know that changes don’t happen in a week but I do feel healthier already, my stretch marks are lightening up and I’m feeling better about my body.

It’s been four nights since I’ve slept through the night. This bugs me to no end. I’m eating better, working out, plus I’m not stressed out about anything yet I’m still having trouble sleeping.

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There is a critical need for blood in the United States and across the world. If you’re eligible to donate, please do. It only takes an hour of your time and you’re helping at least three people. Possibly even saving their lives.  


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