A Blank Page.

A blank page is both daunting and exciting to a writer. It represents both emptiness and endless possibilities. I assume it’s equivalent to an artist staring at a blank canvas.

However, one chooses to interpret it, it’s time to rebuild myself from a foundation of past experiences, an open mind, and sheer wonderment. Over the past year and a half, I’ve written about my college experiences, my personal struggles, and my general confusion over life. But from that place, I knew what was coming next: an exam on Friday, a club meeting on Tuesday, work 3 pm to 5 pm. I knew what to expect from my days because there was a set routine, an outline to follow, and from that came security and confidence in my daily activities.

Every time I wake up I feel as though I’m staring at a blank page. A page without standard lines to at least guide my writing, my plans. Part of this comes from having to wait to hear back from jobs and therefore not being able to make concrete plans too far in advance. The rest comes from realizing that I have an opportunity to better myself, to choose my own path, set my own pace, and learn about everything that I find fascinating. Who I was in college, and high school does not have to define who I am now. I can change so many elements in my life. There is so much power and potential in knowing that I’m facing a clean slate, my future is unwritten. It’s also absolutely terrifying and requires a lot of self-reflection.

How am I going to spend my days? What am I going to focus on? What am I going to learn about? What books am I going to read? What job am I going to get? When am I going to go to graduate school? How do I merge my pre-college room with my new personality and interests?

I get to start over. I get to choose how this turns out and whether I succeed or fail.

I hope that in a few years I can look back on this time and see the blank page covered in colorful ink, with sections crossed out and others highlighted. I expect there to be mistakes, but also lessons learned.

I say, don’t be afraid of the blank pages. Instead, welcome them with open arms because this chance only comes around a few times.

Until next time,


Congratulations to all of the graduates out there!


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