Goodbye, Adventures of Shy Girl

I started AdventuresOfShyGirl almost three years ago during my freshman year of college. I was a shy, introverted girl who threw herself into a completely different environment away from family and high school friends. This blog was my way of making sense of the change. The person I was at the start is very different to the person I am today. If I ran into people from high school I’d be almost unrecognizable to them.

I know more of what I want out of life now. I know what direction I want to go in terms of my career. I’ve learned so much about living life with anxiety and depression.

For a while now, I have been struggling to find things to write about for this blog. There’s been a pressure, maybe self-inflicted, to write about just anxiety and none of my recent ‘episodes’ seem worthy of their own post. So, I have decided to stop writing for this blog and create a new one: Reviews, Ramblings, and Stardust.

I’m still in the process of setting it up but I have ideas for several posts and I hope that all of you will join me in this new adventure. I want to thank all of you for your support these past three years.

Remember that what ever you are going through, you are not going through it alone. You’re not alone, help is just a conversation away. On another note, remember to thank the people who support you and remember that your diagnosis does not excuse your actions. Be kind.



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